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[Poland]Heat Regenerated Desiccant Dryers

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Technical specification

Series: DN/DW
Flow rate: 4.7 to 194.2 m³/min
Pressure dewpoint: down to -40 °C

Compressed air dried to dewpoints as low as -40°C is often needed as process air, for frost-prone areas or in sensitive industries such as electronics, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and brewing. Such high degrees of moisture removal are achieved by KAESER’s series DN/DW desiccant dryers. The use of heat regeneration ensures that very little compressed air is needed for purging (DN 0%, DW 2%). The desiccant is regenerated with externally heated blown air.

Important features and advantages:

* Particularly low energy demand thanks to efficient thermal insulation and very low purge air demand
* Equipped with temperature monitoring for further energy savings
* Generous volume of desiccant charge for secure drying
* Even flow through the desiccant bed ensured by the stainless steel flow diffuser
* Designed for 100% continuous loading
* Large section pipework for minimum pressure drop and energy costs
* PLC controller with operating panel and full instrumentation for ease of operation
* Supplied with inlet and outlet filters, each fitted with filter monitors and the inlet filter with an ECO DRAIN electronic condensate drain
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:DN/DW
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